Battle of Britain (film #5 in the WWII section of Movieflix ( Also, tape #4 of the series WWII Special Edition (Madacy Entertainment, 1997)). [Category: Military & Propaganda]

The WWII Special Edition boxed set is actually the complete "Why We Fight" series directed by Frank Capra, something they don't make clear on the package (see the review of Prelude to War for information on the "Why We Fight" series). This fourth film in the series documents the struggle of Great Britain during the hellacious year of 1940, when Hitler tried to break her spirit through relentless bombing. It's actually quite an exciting, inspiring story. Britain was definitely the underdog, but she won out in the end due to a combination of brilliant fighting by the R.A.F. and a spirit that couldn't be broken. It looks like the archival film footage used here was taken not only from newsreel footage, but also from British propaganda films––there are a lot of amusing scenes of British stiff-upper-lipped pluck ("Is she dead?" "'Fraid so."). One of the more entertaining films in this series.

Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: ***. Weirdness: ***. Historical Interest: ****. Overall Rating: ****.

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