Attitudes and Health.

Marv is all bummed out because he didn't make the first team in basketball. He comes home to find out his older sister has taken sick after being passed over for a promotion at work. The doctor emerges from her bedroom and gives Marv and his mother a stern lecture about bad attitudes and how they make people sick, a problem that he believes affects over half of his patients! He makes some reasonable points about how excessive worry can cause health problems, but he's so self-righteous and overgeneralizing about it that you start to wonder if he overlooks serious maladies in his patients by being so quick to diagnose "bad attitudes". Marv, though, takes his talk to heart and starts having a "better perspective" on not making the team, planning to practice to improve his skills so he can make it next time (when you see his laughably bad ball-handling skills, you know exactly why he didn't make it this time). This is one of the most annoyingly simplistic Coronet films ever, with little of the usual innocent charm that normally allows the movies to get by with their unbelievable premises. The one exception is Marv's mother––the actress who plays her gives a laughably bad performance, yet she is so convincing on the level of person as somebody's mother that you end up being charmed by her. Perhaps they hired her over from Centron. Marv would later develop a major attitude problem that would result in multiple personality disorder in the classic film How to Keep a Job.

Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: ****. Weirdness: ***. Historical Interest: ****. Overall Rating: ****.

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