Burns & Allen Show #4 (film #4 on Side A of Disc #4 of TV Favorites DVD Megapack (Treeline Films, 2003)). [Category: Early Film & TV]

More fun with George Burns and Gracie Allen, as Gracie bamboozles the income tax man, gives away Harry Morton’s surprise birthday gift for Blanche, and arranges for their income tax to be paid in whipped Carnation milk. Also included are silly antics involving cigars, a cake that is destroyed to show how delicious it is, and Bill Goodwin’s usual bizarre Carnation commercials incorporated into the action. This time the musical acts are ditched and the set is expanded to include Gracie’s kitchen. As usual, this is as fresh and funny today as it was when it first aired, yet it also retains the character of early TV.

Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: *****. Weirdness: *****. Historical Interest: *****. Overall Rating: *****.

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