Bride and Gloom (film #6 on Cartoon Explosion, Vol. 2: Finny Fiesta/Popeye’s Greatest Hits DVD (Front Row Entertainment, 2002). Also, film #20 on Cartoon Mania DVD (Front Row Entertainment, 2002). Also, film #42 on 50 Cartoon Classics DVD. Also, film #7 on Disc #1 of 100 Cartoon Classics DVD Megapack (Treeline Films, 2004). Also, film #7 on Disc #4 of 150 Cartoon Classics DVD Megapack (Mill Creek Entertainment, 2005)). [Category: Hollywood]

It’s the night before Popeye’s and Olive Oyl’s wedding, and Olive Oyl has a strange, disturbing dream about giving birth to twins that are basically miniature Popeyes and about as well-behaved as Woody Woodpecker or Little Lulu. This turns the dream into a nightmare, as you might expect, yet the strangest part of it for me was a moment during the dream wedding where Popeye had to down a can of spinach in order to be able to say “I do.” I couldn’t help but imagine at that point whether or not he would need spinach to get through the wedding night. This is a fairly weird cartoon, but it eventually devolves into a typical bratty kid cartoon, so it ends up not fully fulfilling its promise.

Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: ***. Weirdness: ***. Historical Interest: ***. Overall Rating: ***.

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