Hey Folks! It's Intermission Time, Vol. 4 (Something Weird). [Category: Commercial]

Yet another fun collection of drive-in and walk-in movie ephemera. This one focuses mostly on local ads and celebrity charity pitches, though there's still plenty of snack bar promos and even a few wartime propaganda pieces. Essential, as always. Dick Swing recommends it.


  • The following merchants wish you happy holidays: Lancaster Plumbing, Heating & Well Drilling, Stump Printing Company, Grip Nut Co., Dick Swing - Standard Oil Agent, Co-Operative Produce Co., Cokl Auto Sales, Farmers Store, Farmers Elevator, Dick Woods Motor Clinic, Pook Feed & Coal Company (I hope their bags were clearly marked!), Schimek Variety and Dept. Store, Campbell's Shell Service, V.F.W. Post 2919, Green Parrott, French's Texaco Service, Harshman Cleaners, Johnson Bros. Neon Sign Co., Joy's Electric Shop, Maston Hardware (not to be confused with Matson's Food Market), Bauman Stock Yards, Bayman's Food Banks Inc., George W. Hopes Insurance, Cwynar's Bakery, Hubbard Coal and Supply ("Coal - Feed - Builders Supplies - Custom Grinding and Mixing"), Patton's Finer Foods, Sill and Gene Custom Tailoring, Stan and Sam ("Just the Best in Television"––that limits the field considerably), The Card Shop ("Always Something New in Ladies' and Children's Wear" (???)), Liberty Restaurant ("Your Favorite Beverage"), Bell-Wick Auto Sales, Dale & Marguerite Washington's Juvenile Shoppe, George's Bootery, Baldine's Auto Sales & Service, Marle-LaVerne ("Shop the Card Shop for Your Gifts"), "Jack" Emrich, Western Auto Associate Store ("A. G. Salow - Owner"), Peoples Coal, Supply & Lumber Co., Harder Funeral Home, Hubbard Dollar Bank, Andover News Room ("Ice Cream and Confectionery"), French Bros. Coal - Feed - Builders Supplies, C. W. Wood Coal - Feed - Builders Supplies, Rotchford Pontiac Inc. ("Goodwill Used Cars").
  • I was going to reveal the horrible local scandal involving Dick Swing, Dick Woods, the Grip Nut Co., and the Stump Printing Co., but this is a family publication, so I'll abstain.
  • Gimmick Alert!: This tape has two horror movie gimmick announcements: the Horror Drum (the squeamish should close their eyes until the drumming stops) and the Horror Bell (close your eyes when the bell rings and don't open them until it rings again). Those who survive the Marathon of Fright get a free Fright Club membership card. You also get a chance to see the campy opening of Monsters Crash the Pajama Party. The topper, though, is the Oath of the Green Blood from Mad Doctor of Blood Island. If you take the Oath and drink the vial of green Kool-Aid they gave you you're guaranteed not to turn into a green-blooded monster!
  • Looking for a way to woo that special someone? Just take hir to the Friday the 13th Valentine Sweetheart Midnight Show. How romantic!
  • Back during Hollywood's glory days, the Will Rogers Memorial Hospital used such stars as John Wayne and Bette Davis in their charity solicitation announcements. Want to know who they're using in the 90s? The Bundys from "Married with Children".
  • Best Double Feature Award: Tammy and the Doctor with Paranoiac ("Story of a Psycho Killer").
  • Additions to the Bucky Beaver Evil List: the dancing reindeer in the North Pole Cinema Premier holiday greeting (Santa in a tux comes close, too.), and the Coca-Cola snack bar promo featuring a giant woman's face.
  • Watch for a "no smoking - dispose of trash - no talking" announcement that looks for all the world like it was animated by Terry Gilliam.
  • Addition to the Thanks-But-No-Thanks List: "Let the Aluminum Man tell you the 'Reynolds Story' about aluminum siding!"
  • Remember the Thorazine Kid from the hamburger snack bar promo on Drive-In Movie Double Feature #20? His dad is on this tape in a promo advertising hot dogs.

Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: *****. Weirdness: *****. Historical Interest: *****. Overall Rating: *****.

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