The Old Farmer's Video Almanac (B/P Productions, 1990). [Category: Outtakes & Obscurities]

The Old Farmer's Video Almanac?? Where's Robt. B Thomas when you need him? Judson Hale, the Almanac's current editor, says on this tape that the Almanac tries to strike a balance between the serious and the wacky. This concept is definitely in the "wacky" category. Willard Scott narrates, Roger Welsch provides various silly household hints, yokels of various stripes give tips on fishing, cooking, grocery shopping, gardening, etc., and just in case that's not enough folksiness, there's Jonathan Winters rocking on the porch telling tall tales. Like many small towns, there's something slightly "off" about this tape, though not in a disturbing sense. It's merely eccentric, like being stranded for awhile in Lake Wobegone or some such place. I'm a fan of the Almanac, and this tape is sort of like the Almanac, but in another way, the Almanac could never be put on video (just try to put a hole in the corner!), and in that way it's totally unlike the Almanac. Don't think about it too hard, though, or it will start to mess with your head. It's just plain goofy, is all.

Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: *** (but it's not as funny as it thinks). Weirdness: ***** (it takes awhile for it to sink in, though). Historical Interest: **** (years from now folks will be amazed that this was even tried). Overall Rating: *** (though it will probably go up with time).

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